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Meeting Girls

Posted by admin on Sep 22 2009 | Thai beauties

Free Thai love sounds great right well it is and its available to you,all you need to do is register and the Thai Singles world will be your oyster it is not just Thai girls or Thai Brides our singles community covers all the countries of South East Asia and the Orient you will be like a kid in a lolly shop I promise you and here is where the lovely ladies get the title beautiful Asian women because even at 40 of age when the western women is going pear shape and gravity has taken its toll have a look at the profiles of our women in their forties and you will be surprised how great these hot Asian girls look they just do not seem to age so even if you are not looking for a 40 year old but a exotic young girl you can at least see what she will look like in the later years and that will be your Asian bride will still be turnings heads including yours.

you do not need to be a hunk or a stud just be nice,treat them well be a good provider and one of these angels will be waiting for your plane to touch down.

Meet women today thats what they signed up for and they are waiting for you so don’t keep them waiting get in there and find your free Thai love.

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Nice Thai Girl looking boyfriend

Posted by admin on Sep 03 2009 | Uncategorized

Hi Im Nui
I am looking for nice man with good heart I have good heart also I am single and virgin.
I want to meet and know some man on Findloveasia to chat and get to know I wood like to meet man friends at first and maybe marriage also like to have children soon.
I 22 of age and sweet Asian Girl from Thailand I have mama only and live Chon Buri will move with my man one day some country or maybe he want live in Thailand as is beautiful country after we know each other he can visit me my home.
I work job at advertising for products I dress up for promotions look funny sometime but okay.
you want date/marry nice Thai women can you send me smile,message and later can live chat with me.
I looking successful man as enough hardship for me allready.
My profile Nui337 have more photos there want you have photo your profile also.
I be good Thai bride one day I believe is in my heart and dreams.

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