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Meeting Girls

Posted by admin on Sep 22 2009 | Thai beauties

Free Thai love sounds great right well it is and its available to you,all you need to do is register and the Thai Singles world will be your oyster it is not just Thai girls or Thai Brides our singles community covers all the countries of South East Asia and the Orient you will be like a kid in a lolly shop I promise you and here is where the lovely ladies get the title beautiful Asian women because even at 40 of age when the western women is going pear shape and gravity has taken its toll have a look at the profiles of our women in their forties and you will be surprised how great these hot Asian girls look they just do not seem to age so even if you are not looking for a 40 year old but a exotic young girl you can at least see what she will look like in the later years and that will be your Asian bride will still be turnings heads including yours.

you do not need to be a hunk or a stud just be nice,treat them well be a good provider and one of these angels will be waiting for your plane to touch down.

Meet women today thats what they signed up for and they are waiting for you so don’t keep them waiting get in there and find your free Thai love.

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Your Dating Partner..What to look for.

Posted by admin on May 22 2009 | Thai beauties

Once you have found a friend on a dating site it is important now to get to know her or him find out as much as possible about the other person this is where the online live Chat comes in handy find out their favorite food,books,movies,loves,dislikes make yourself a nice long list and despite the attraction in the photo of your new found boyfriend or girlfriend if there is little on the list you agree with it is likely you are not a match and is time to move on because if you do get together you will spend more time together mentally than physically.
lets say for example you are a quiet kinda of guy a listener rather than a talker the single Asian women you would be looking for would be a chatterbox a outspoken young lady who loves to talk where as 2 quiet people together can lead to those awkward moments of silence.
The Asian women and particularly the Thai girl are naturally talkative which makes a good start to a relationship.
Been able to find a single women free online has its benefits as the time you can spend together on site will not depend on your budget and you can use that money to make your first dating introduction exciting with outings and Thailands adventures this creates conversation and the fun you will have exploring what Thailand has to offer will create a personal bond between the dating couples.

Numerous and honest chat online is the order of the day,small talk first,keep the sensitive questions to last but do ask them before committing to a visit.
In the early days of pen pal a letter would take 2 weeks to arrive to one of the dating couple and then 2 weeks for a reply with free online chat you can make contact instantly makes the most of that and say hi to your new found friend and potential Thai Bride there will be no big phone bill to worry about.
Follow the Find Love Asia banner and start your free dating and Chat today.

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Online Dating and Chat

Posted by admin on Apr 26 2009 | Thai beauties

Online dating and chat.
how did we get here and why do we do it.
This is how I see it maybe you agree.
There is more to dating than the dating scene itself its a personal choice to move outside of our local neighborhood and the girl next door and the local pub which is walking distance from the house,the reasoning behind people joining a online dating site and for those already there is a lot to do with dissatisfaction and disappointments with the local talent.
Reflecting on ones personal life is a starting point lets cover some of the reasons which would lead someone to a online dating site.
On a cold winters night with a electric blanket or a water bottle as your only source of warmth does one not wonder what it would be like to cuddle up to someone special a warm exotic Asian women perhaps or is it just the thought of having a large double bed and been the only one sleeping in it!
Is it about waking up on a beautiful weekend morning and having no one to talk too about it or wondering how you were going to entertain yourself for the weekend.
Are we cooking our own meals night after night with no one to congratulate us on our good meals and complain about our bad ones are there times you wished someone else would cook tonight and do the dishes as well,Thai Girls are great cooks and natural house keepers.
Is it deciding to go out for a meal then sitting by yourself in a restaurant at a table set for 2 surrounded by couples and families and wondering if people are noticing and wondering “Oh that poor man he must be lonely”….scary aye!!
heres a better scenario rock up there with a gorgeous Thai women on your arm turn some heads and let them drool it will do wonders for your appetite.
Food for thought!!!!!!

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Bali Girls

Posted by admin on Jan 14 2009 | Thai beauties

Asian girls
Thai dating series
Bali for Indonesia is similar to Koh Samui for Thailand although a lot bigger in size it is a Island well known to Tourists and a big attraction that brings people to Indonesia and with Australia as its next door neighbor it is popular with the Aussies it has slowed down there since the nightclub incident but it is and will continue to return to its exciting and Vibrant atmosphere,it is a place I intend to visit at some stage.
Bali is well known for its private villas which are numerous in all areas of Bali and affordably priced.
AT todays conversion one USD = 12025 Rupiah the Indonesian currency the exchange rate and Bali with its low prices for food and accommodation make it a great place for the budget conscious.
3 great Balinese dishes to try when you are there are:Babi Gulling a pork dish,Bebek Betutu a duck dish,Sat lilit a prawn and fish meal with Nasi Kuning a yellow rice a little different to the hot Thai cuisine.
Bali is a mixture of rice terraces,beaches and Volcanoes with the motorcycle a great way to see the Island.
There are plenty of temples and Palaces to visit if that is your thing. we have some wonderful Indonesian girls on site and hope more will join us soon,dating a lovely Asian girl on Bali how nice would that be.
Indonesian girls are not in great numbers on the Asian dating scene I think that will change as access to the Internet,home computers and great free dating sites like ours giving them the chance to participate at no cost to them.
The Bali kite festival although I haven’t seen it in person the documentary on TV showed it to be a worthy event.
Been a Island it has the advantages of great and numerous beaches and the water sports that go along with it and excellent deep sea fishing trips or there are the Island cruises if you want to be a bit more laid back.
Meet one of our Indonesian girls and let them show you our Asian girls at their best.
Join our growing community and find your bride to be or just a friend overseas.

Great place to mingle with Asian girls,Thai girls,Bali Girls etc

don’t be shy meet our Thai dating and Asian dating girls today!!!!

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Thai Girl 4 you

Posted by admin on Nov 20 2008 | Thai beauties

My Love
I’m honest girl , like to travel ,kindness loyal and like to take care my special one 
I am gentle Thai girl but can be naughty sometimes in a nice way i am not a mean I have a good heart and want my special one to have good heart also.
I am small Thai girl of 5ft1 born in year of the snake but not
I live in Bangkok so easy to meet me.
I want a western man to be with can travel you or you can travel to me but first we chat look at profile find out more about me find out more about you this Thai girl waiting now.

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Thai Girl searching

Posted by admin on Nov 16 2008 | Thai beauties

About Me 
I am a Thai girl from khonkan in Thailand Im responsible,kind,generous lady.I have a good job.I not have children.I am easygoing.I like nature(especially beaches)Looking for many nice nature and like smile and a lot of fun,but I do not want just game but look for love and relationship.

About My Perfect Match 
Seriously looking for a guy who is gentle man,kind,romantic,like have sometime fun and happiness with me,health-conscious and not smoke and drink only a little,but the best care,and love family.Looking for real love serious relationship and want to have good future with me!! Please contact me if you the one all this I want,Thank you:) 

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Me,thai girl and bangkok

Posted by admin on Nov 06 2008 | Thai beauties

Bangkok my Pad
I have been in Thailand a while now,English teaching here and there and party every where else what a cool country I wish I had come over ages ago.
Hot weather(no frosts here) and hot Thai girls and hot Thai food but you get used to that,heaven on earth or close.
Find Love Asia is a great way to hook up with a single Thai girl I know I have,it is easier for me because I am here I can (could) live chat a girl this morning and meet for a coffee that evening it will take a bit longer to meet from NZ and australia but easy to do and worth it.
Now I did the Thai Bar girl run when I arrived here,a bit of a novelty of course but it is expensive and you could catch more than fun.
Have a eager beautiful Thai girl waiting for your arrival it is a much better idea and who knows where it may lead.
thousands of girls here waiting for that opportunity.drop in and have a look at the photos and profiles you will be pleasantly surprised.
Bangkok city

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Thai Girl for you

Posted by admin on Nov 04 2008 | Thai beauties

Thai Girls indeed
If you are looking for a single Thai girl you have come to the right place at Find Love Asia we offer a wonderful variety of genuine beautiful Thai girls who are looking for friendship,romance and marriage.
The Thai girls are from all age groups and backgrounds they are happy to be with older men so age is no barrier,respect and a better way of life is all most Thai girls would be longing for.
New Zealand and Australian men are high on the wanted list.
whether it be a single Thai girl or ready made family your choices as you will see in our profiles is unlimited.
Loneliness is not an option with Find Love Asia as we have thousands of Thai girls wanting to meet their western partner.
Meet your personal Thai girls online, plan a holiday to Thailand the Thai girls are from all over Thailand,Bangkok,Pattaya,Changmai,Phuket pick your destination,it is a low cost place to visit a fun place to holiday with great beaches and Islands enjoy the company of the Thai girl,enjoy the hot Thai food and tropical climate it will be a Thailand holiday to remember and you may not go home alone.

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